AV NYC support corporate events and meetings, any New York City corporate events in all New York event venues.
AV NYC support corporate events and meetings, any New York City corporate events in all New York event venues.


We employ experienced persons with good audiovisual work experience. If you are really looking for a dynamic and rewarding career, think about the many ways you can contribute your skills & knowledge to our AV and other related services. In addition to our comprehensive benefits package and great working team enjoy work on the big trade shows, meetings, conferences and other events. 

     We here at AV Rentals NYC offer a wide range of audio video services, whether it is commercial audiovisual\lighting applications, restaurant audio or video, classroom audiovisual or networking installation, corporate meeting AV systems, or  non-profit meeting’s AV needs. Our rental high definition monitor inventory consists of Samsung TVs (from 24" to 75"), Sharps (from 42" to 90"), and  NECs (32", 40", 46"),  as well as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, and Sanyo. Our services include installation for our entire inventory of HD flat screen TVs, mounting to rolling/fixed/truss stands.  Some  of our job involves splitting VGA or HDMI signal from one source to a multi monitors setup (this can also be installed wirelessly, including HDMI wireless connection).  We offer wall or ceiling monitor mounting fixtures as well. Our team can assist our clients in creating a high quality, easy to edit and time saving visual presentation. We build  Power Point presentations as well as HD videos and slideshows. If the client requires for event switching seamlessly among many sources  (computers, iPads,  laptops, media players, or cameras) our job is to make the right selection of seamless switchers.  The brands we stock are Analog Way, Barco, and Extron.  We  provide  proper solutions

to extending analog or high definition signals up  to  350 feet,  with Cat 5/6 or SDI/HD-3G Extender kits from Aja, Kanex Pro, and Black Box. The projector  and lens inventory that we can rent to our clients is one of our largest stocked items. We range from  3,000  to 18,000  lumens projection system that covers brands from Epson, Sony, Christie, Barco, Panasonic and Eiki. We provide interchangeable lenses in all sorts of sizes to accommodate  the client's range of projection (long or short throw) if required. For an extensive PA system inventory,  QSC, Electro Voice, and Meyer will cover most of our  full-range speaker systems from 10" to 15" to subs. If it's wired/wireless microphones that the customer requires, we carry most Shure models to accommodate frequency needs. Our engineers and technicians work with a large selection of wired microphones such as SM58, MX418 or MX16 Gooseneck microphones, full drum kit system. They also are able to operate a massive inventory  of mixer  ranges  from 4-channel to 32-channel consoles, and we provide brands such as Mackie, Allen & Heath, Yamaha, Presonus. What about recording the event with our Tascam MP3 flash card recorders?  Our staff can easily transfer it to a Drop Box or other Cloud storages or simply put onto a thumb drive.  We  also  do  a  lot  of  outdoor  events,  so we cover our clients with power with our Honda Generator selection. We always can suggest something new and specific  to  our  customers in order to create  a memorable event. In addition to audiovisual setups we do lighting. We cover all top models from ETC, Leprecon,  Martin,  Hog.  To color a room we use our LED Up lights (Parcans & 4-6 feet Strips) from Chroma-Q & Elation Pro. If the client AV application is projected on a big venue we provide and assemble the Tomcat Truss or Global Truss system.

So, if you feel you can professionally cover some area in our production services, come and talk

to our HR administrator.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website ! Have a query or question about one of our rental products? Interested in one of our technical services? Simply fill out the request form  or call at 212.464.8754 and we're happy to answer. We have the best sales staff available with the experience and knowledge needed to help you do a smart rental. 

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